How do I use the Luminance Smile Teeth Whitening Kit?

Brush and floss your teeth and apply serum to the front face of visible teeth. It may take a few turns for the serum to come out the first time. Apply using the brush at the top of each tooth and brushing down towards the bottom of the tooth.

Place the mouthpiece in your mouth and wrap lips loosely around the device. Use for 8 to 16** minutes. Remove the mouthpiece (you may also spit out excess saliva here), unplug, and rinse with water. You may also use a gentle hand soap on the device for extra cleaning. Dry off, replace into holder, and store.

Use 1-2 times each day for 21 consecutive days, then touch up as needed thereafter.  We recommend using twice-weekly to maintain your Luminance Smile. 


*Whitening wands store best refrigerated

**For results in the fewest number of days, use for 16 minutes per day.


How do I clean the whitening light / mouthpiece?

Simply rinse with water or use a mild hand soap on the device for additional cleaning & sanitization when needed. Dry off with towel or air dry and place into holder, and store.


What’s the best way to apply the serum?

We recommend brushing it onto your teeth in long strokes from the gum line to the edge of your tooth.

How long does the serum stay good for?

Luminance Smile serum stays good for up to 2 years if stored out of the heat or sunlight.  It maintains its best strength if stored in the refrigerator.

How long before and after eating or drinking can I use Luminance Smile?

For best results, we recommend that you not use Luminance Smile for at least 30 minutes after eating or drinking anything high in acid such as tomato sauces, fruit juices or sodas.  We also recommend you not eat or drink anything for at least 1 hour after using Luminance Smile.

Is it safe to use Luminance Smile while breastfeeding or pregnant?

In general, teeth whitening is safe while pregnant or breastfeeding.  While Luminance Smile is no different, we always recommend you discuss your individual health with your doctor before beginning treatment.

The answer I was looking for was not in the FAQ’s – What now?

We have customer support agents standing by ready to help you.  Please email us with your name, order number and detailed question to support@luminancesmile.com, and we will respond as quickly as possible.

When is the best time to use Luminance Smile?

The best time of day to use the Luminance Smile whitening kit is right before you go to bed at night.  Our proprietary whitening serum remains active on your teeth hours after lightly rinsing your mouth, so the best results are achieved if you’re not eating or drinking after treatment.

How much serum do I apply?

A nice even coating without clumping or dripping is the perfect amount of serum to create bring back your Luminance Smile.

Does Luminance Smile teeth whitening work on crowns, caps and fillings?

Luminance Smile was developed by a team of engineers who specialize in oral health and dentistry products, and is safe for the use with most dental work.  While Luminance Smile will remove the stains on the dental work and your natural enamel, it is unlikely to change the color of the dental work.

Why does Luminance Smile have both Red and Blue lights?

We include both Red and Blue light on the Luminance Smile Teeth Whitening Light because both have major benefits.  Blue lights speed up the whitening process and help restore your Luminance Smile quicker.  The Red lights have been proven to kill bacteria found in the mouth and also reduce pain and inflammation in the teeth and gums.  You can use them individually or together for maximum benefits.

Does Luminance Smile cause sensitivity?

Luminance Smile is formulated to minimize sensitivity during and after treatment, but each person’s teeth are different and a small percentage of customers may experience mild sensitivity after treatment.  If sensitivity occurs, we recommend using both red and blue lights together and brush your teeth 3 times each day with a quality anti-sensitivity toothpaste.  We also provide a free desensitizer applicator in the kit which can be used for after each application if severe sensitivity occurs, which is extremely rare.

Is Luminance Smile FDA approved?

The FDA does not approve individual products, instead, they provide guidance on products, and product labeling as well as create requirements for over-the-counter treatments and drugs.  Our manufacturing facility is FDA approved and follows the strictest and sanitary protocols.

How often should I use Luminance Smile?

Every smile is different, and each tooth absorbs stains differently than others.  Most customers find that after their initial whitening period of daily use for 1-3 weeks, they can use Luminance Smile for 3-7 days each month to maintain their Luminance Smile.