Teeth Whitening Kit

  • How Do I Clean the Whitening Mouthpiece?

  • What’s the Best Way to Apply the Serum?

  • How Long Will the Serum Last?

  • How Long Before/After Eating or Drinking, Can I Use Luminance Smile?

  • Is it Safe to Use a Luminance Smile While Breastfeeding or Pregnant?

  • When is the Best Time to Use Luminance Smile?

  • How Much Serum Do I Apply?

  • Does Luminance Smile Teeth Whitening Work on Crowns, Caps, and Fillings?

  • Why Does Luminance Smile Have Both Red and Blue Lights?

  • Does a Luminance Smile Cause Sensitivity?

  • Is Luminance Smile® FDA-Approved?

  • How Often Should I Use Luminance Smile®?